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Caster Concepts Supports Manufacturing Experience for Albion Children

ALBION, Mich. (July 10, 2012) - The Greater Albion College Access Network, in collaboration with Albion Public Schools, and The Manufacturing Education Fund at the Albion Community Foundation, is pleased to announce that it has awarded 16 scholarships for the 2012 summer “I Can Make It!” Math and Science Camp.


The Jackson Area Manufacturer’s Association offers this popular overnight camp which gives kids the opportunity to design, build, and test various challenging projects, as well as swim & play at Jackson County Intermediate School District’s Camp McGregor on beautiful Crispbell Lake…all this fun while secretly learning Math and Science!


This year, there were 16 scholarships which students in the 4th-6th grade at Albion Public Schools competed for, with the finalists earning a fully funded week at the Math and Science camp. The scholarships were made possible by Caster Concepts, Inc. located in Albion, MI a premier manufacturer of heavy duty industrial casters and wheels.


Caster Concepts, Inc. memorialized founder Richard H. Dobbins through the establishment of the Manufacturing Education Fund at the Albion Community Foundation in 2007. Richard spent his entire career with Albion area manufacturers including Albion Malleable Iron Company, Hayes-Albion, and Albion Industries. After his retirement, he started Caster Concepts, Inc. which he felt was his greatest accomplishment.  Dobbins felt a strong manufacturing base was a key to the long term viability of a community. This opportunity will provide these youth an early exposure to engineering and the manufacturing trades while having a great summer camp experience.


William Dobbins, President of Caster Concepts, stated, “My father would be thrilled that we could send 16 kids to a camp that will expose them to math and science skills necessary in modern manufacturing. He believed that a great education combined with a great work ethic were the keys to success. One without the other was only marginally helpful.”


Production Supervisor of Caster Concepts, and Richard’s grandson, Andrew Dobbins said, “It is important to me and to my family that we invest in the youth of Albion. The community certainly has its struggles and actively involved young people will be part of turning the city around. I know my grandfather would be excited about this announcement”. Andrew has been involved with the United Fund in Albion for many years.


The scholarship process was a great experience for all of the students and their families to take part in, and the opportunity tied in well with the scholarship simulation program that the Greater Albion College Access Network had been running throughout the past school year at APS.


With these scholarships, the students were able to apply the knowledge they learned during the simulation program to a real world application process, which gave both the students and their family's insight into getting recommendations from their teachers/principals, filling out an application, explaining verbally why they believed that they should be considered as a recipient of the scholarship, and getting these items done by a deadline in a timely fashion.