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Salco Adds 3D Printing Services

Chamber member Salco Engineering and Manufacturing Co, now celebrating its 50th year in business, has added 3D printing to its impressive list of quick turnaround prototyping and design services. Salco can take your concept or CAD/SolidWorks design and print a 3-dimensional model for your company to analyze, giving you a reliable representation of your product. Catch and fix design flaws early in the development stage before you go into production! Using Salco’s state-of-the-art system, 3D models can be made within hours out of ABSplus, a special type of plastic that is durable enough to be used as working parts. For more info on Salco’s new 3D printing capabilities or for a printing quote for your specific custom needs, please contact Salco today!

Salco Engineering and Manufacturing Co., Inc. ( is an innovative products manufacturer that has fulfilled the material handling requirements for automotive, food, medical, industrial, laboratory, and other industries since 1963. Centrally located in Jackson, Michigan, Salco Engineering is an ISO 9001/2000 certified company and a Tier 1 OEM Supplier that can handle any amount of custom business.