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Casters Help Prevent Injuries in Dangerous Work Environments

Caster Concepts and Lifeline have worked together to develop a custom-designed wheel specific for use in Lifeline's fall arresting systems.

Lifeline requires exceptionally rugged and fail-proof wheels and other equipment for its systems, since if a component fails it could be the difference between life and death.

Lifeline had originally used a standard eight-inch wheel and pneumatic tires on some of its larger equipment, but the company found that a wheel of that size and strength, while sufficient to arrest someone's fall, did not provide the "over-protection" that Lifeline insists on in its systems.

Caster Concepts worked with Lifeline to develop a custom 16-inch wheel with a solid rubber tire that doubles as the steering wheel for positioning the fall arresting system. The new wheel assembly beefed up Lifeline's fall arresting equipment, making it more than sufficient to support the weight that occurs during a fall. Because of the wheel's larger size, the fall arresting system is also easier to maneuver.

"Caster Concepts understood what we needed and worked with us to develop it," said Ted Wilkinson, President of Lifeline. "Together we looked at the issues we were having with the smaller wheel and developed the larger size wheel assembly. Our equipment gets used in all kinds of situations where fall arresting saves lives and prevents injury, plus our equipment has to meet OSHA and other specs. We're a small company manufacturing equipment intended to save lives and prevent injuries, so our product has to work every time. Caster Concepts understood that need and helped us create a solution."

"Caster Concepts is also great to work with on an ongoing basis," Wilkinson said. "They have responded quickly when we have had an unforeseen need for additional products, and that is essential when we are trying to meet our customer's needs."